Digital Signs

Digital signs are increasingly more popular because of their ability to display any type of message or picture and their ease of use when a message needs to be changed.

Make Your Digital Sign Work For You

Get people excited about your company before they even walk in the door!

It’s not just a bold statement, it can be your new reality with a Digital Message Center from Lumen Signs. A new sign or digital message board doesn’t just tell people who you are, it can also communicate specials and company promotions to passing crowds and your existing customers.

The versatility of modern electronic message centers is what has made them the single most popular choice for many of today’s leading businesses. Cycle pictures of your product on an outdoor digital monument or pylon sign to immediately showcase a special and draw in new potential clients with a captivating image. The best part about modern day smart signs is that you can change their display image or message whenever you want, from the comfort of an on-site office. Gone are the days of sending an employee up a ladder with a bag full of bulky letters.

Lumen Signs is one of the largest supplier of electronic signs and electronic advertising systems in the midwest. We also service all types of Dynamic Message Centers. From Daktronics, Ledman, Galaxies, Retop, Light-king, and many more. We service all makes and varieties of dynamic message centers.

Modernize Existing Signage

Digital Message Centers can be combined with existing pylon signs, monument signs or other existing architectural signage to update the look of your sign and bring the functionality of digital advertising to your business.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

A new media board from Lumen signs does not have to be installed outside of your building or office. Employees and customers can also benefit from their versatility. Use your new sign as a large format UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV screen to cycle through your video ads or to broadcast sports events for your customer’s benefit.

Media Boards can also be used as changing menu boards for bars and restaurants.
We like to think that digital message centers and other forms of electronic signs are inappropriately named and should be called “smart signs” because of their increased functionality and ease of use. For more information on how a digital media board can be used to increase your visibility call us at 651-788-1841 to schedule a site visit.